2018 has been a year of important changes that forced me to look back and reflect on my life. How have things gone? Where did I think I would be 15, 10, 2 years ago? Where I am now? How could I do things better? Am I the type of person I hoped to be and is the impact I have on others what I hoped for? If not, what might I do differently in the upcoming years? Have I used my strengths and intelligence that I have wisely? This is my RETROSPECTIVE. 

I look back and assess. I consider. Taking everything into account. I try to set a better course for the upcoming year. I'm really glad that nobody is keeping the score, even me, because I don't know how well I'm doing overall. I guess it depends on philosophies that keep changing and on circumstances that bring more variability than I ever expected. Who could have predicted that I would have write this blog?

Maybe if I had clearer goals  the retrospective would work better...But life is not a software, where using iterative, incremental (aka Agile) processes help to tell whether progress is in the right direction or need adjusting. However, these kind of reflections can def. provide new insights and help to formulate more concrete next steps. What an opportunity!

Working related, I’ve been recently involved in the recruitment process of HR People/ Business partner, role that I have been covering over more than 15 years now, and this really made me start re-thinking how the role has evolved over those years. 

Disruptive and flexible,  collaborative and human, focusing on employees experience and engagement. Honest and ambitious, inspirational and adaptable, the new HR BP/PP of the future shall fully embrace the Agile HR Manifesto principles! 

Agile HR Manifesto

  • Collaborative Networks over hierarchical structure
  • Transparency over secrecy
  • Adaptability over prescriptiveness
  • Inspiration & Engagement over management and retention
  • Intrinsic motivation over extrinsic rewards
  • Ambition over obligation

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